These products are already formulated and awaiting your purchase order.  It is possible to have these products on your shelf, with your brand name, in four to six weeks.


Chlorine Removers: What would you like to have?  A simple chlorine/chloramines remover or a complex herbal product that provides the fish with a protective slime coat whilst neutralizing heavy metals in the pond water?  Whatever your preference is, we can meet your need.  Available as liquids, powders and crystals.

Alkalinity Stabilizers: Not the usual baking soda; we're talking complete formulations with high quality calcium and magnesium buffers.  We can adjust the content of the various buffers to meet a needed price point if requested.  Complete with an alkalinity calculator that can be put on your website to help retail customers adjust their dosage.

Algaecidal Products: We offer pond and lake colorants in water soluble bags which diminish the light available for the algae to grow.  Available in a variety of sizes and formulations.  Some formulations include heterotrophic sludge eating bacteria; others include a small amount of flocculant to clump single celled algaes and sink them to the pond bottom.

Ammonia, Nitrite and pH Test Kits: Inexpensive, fast, accurate and easy to use.

Biological Pond Cleaners and Odor Eliminators: Incredible products based on heterotrophic sludge eating bacteria.  These Bacillus species bacteria rapidly consume carbohydrates, proteins, starches, fats and cellulose that build up in ponds as the result of feeding, fish waste, decaying plant matter and other organics.  Available in liquid, powder and water soluble bags for easy application.

Ammonia Removers: We offer a variety of ammonia removers of varying potencies and pricing to meet every need.  All of them work instantly to either bind or remove toxic ammonia from pond water.  Also available are formulations that remove pheremones that slow or stop Koi growth.

Water Clarifiers (Liquid, Dry): Powerful, safe flocculants that rapidly clump and sink debris and single cell algaes that cloud ponds. 

pH Lowers: Based on a naturally occurring acid, this product lowers pH gradually and safely.  Phosphate free and will not contribute to algae blooms.

pH highers: Our pH Higher uses natural carbonates instead of Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) to safely raise pH & alkalinity. This is an all-natural method of pH control similar to that of fish's native habitats.

Black Activated Carbon: The carbon we use the absolute best carbon in the business; no question about that.  We stock this carbon in response to the needs of public aquariums for superior removal of water discoloration, odor, medications and other potential toxins in the water.  We are able to offer this great carbon at an incredible price. 

White Zeolite: A high grade, snow white form of clinoptilolite clay.  Tests showed our zeolite to be superior in filtration and adsorption to all other zeolites tested.  Zeolite is the ideal product for removing the ammonia released by the dechlorination of chloramines used in most cities' drinking water and reducing ammonia spikes rapidly.

Nitrifying Bacteria (fresh): New technologies and techniques in bacterial cultivation are now allowing us to offer live nitrifying bacteria to rapidly reduce ammonia and nitrite in ponds.  We utilize massive bio reactors to produce our unique concentrate and non-concentrate forms of these essential microbes. 

Pellet Fish Foods (Pond, Fresh & Salt): Formulated by our nutritionist, our  color enhancing pellet fish foods are designed specifically for the nutritional needs of the  pond and aquarium fish.

Food Grade Sodium Chloride: Absolutely safe for ponds available in small sizes and 80lb bulk.

Trace Elements: All of the elements needed for a healthy pond.  Formulation can easily be customized for your needs.

Fertilizer Tablets: Designed specifically for pond plants such as lilies, marginal and bog plants like Iris, Cattails, and Papyrus. Turns nutrient-deficient soil into a fertile substrate for all plants.

Blue Water Tablets: A small dosage of our pond and lake colorant designed for small water gardens and fountains.

Filter Media: We sell a variety of filter medias ranging from filter floss for prefiltration to plastic media for colonization by nitrifying bacteria.  Contact us to learn more about the many options we have available for your product line.

Pumps: Large pumps for large ponds.  Tough and durable using Century motors.

UV Sterilizers: Rugged, powerful units for the serious pond.  Made out of 316-L stainless steel, will not rust out side, will not degrade with exposure to the sun.  Units sized for every kind of pond from 200 gallons to 120,000 gallons.

Glow-In-The-Dark Paving Stones: Let your clients create a unique path around their ponds!

Gem Stones: Polished, rounded river rock available in golf ball size to fist size.

Hauling Aids: We have several formulations to help with the transportation of large or dense populations of fish safely.


BULK CHEMICALS Available For Purchase:
We sell only high quality chemicals suitable for use in ponds.  Where available they are  food grade:

Ammonium Chloride Sodium Chloride Magnesium Sulfate
Calcium Chloride Sodium Bicarbonate Magnesium Chloride
Citric Acid Sodium Metasilicate Potassium Chloride
EDTA Disodium Salt Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate  
Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous  


Custom Formulations:
We can also custom formulate products to meet your specific needs.  Whether you need something brand new from the ground up or just a unique twist to make a old standard new again, we can assist you in achieving this.  Some of the areas we have experience in are herbal, probiotic, and humic acid products; all of which offer unique benefits to pond owners.
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