• Substantially higher margins than a brand name products
  • Greater freedom with pricing strategy
  • Freedom to create your own marketing plans
  • You will increase your sales
  • You have control over the stock inventory
  • Create a positive image of yourself for your customer which will lead to stronger customer loyalty
  • Reduce dependance on brand names for sales
  • Positions you better in a tight economy
  • You will not walk into Wal-Mart ® and see the same dechlorinator that you sell on a shelf with a retail price lower than what you pay your distributor
  • After building customer loyalty for months, your customers won't turn around and order the same products from an online megastore because they are only available from you!

Myths of Private Label:
  Myth: Having a private label for one's products means investing a lot of money  
False: You can start up a private label with us for less than $1,000. Visit our process page to see how.
  Myth: You have to maintain a large inventory  

False: In almost all cases we can make product as it is needed or we can warehouse it for you. We can also drop ship product directly to your customer and they will never know you did not ship it.

  Myth: You have to be a megastore or chain before private label makes sense.  
False: We do private labels for even the traditional mom and pop pet store all the way up to the guys who supply the mass market stores.
  Myth: It takes forever to get started.  
False: We can have merchandise into your hands in as little as six weeks!
  Myth: Private label means lower quality.  
False: We make products for public aquariums. They don't trust $5 million worth of sharks to just anybody. We use very high grade raw materials. Our formulations are thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy. That's why we are one of the few U.S. companies that meet the exacting standards of the Japanese aquatics market.
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