Why choose us as your private label source?
We are a research and development oriented manufacturing company that has been in business since the mid 1950's.  With multimillions of  dollars  in sales last year to a variety of industries including the construction and building trade, agriculture, wastewater remediation, public education, government, public aquariums, zoos, professional aquaculture, pet and aquarium trade, we bring to the table resources other companies lack.  We don't market products; that's not our core competency.  Instead we create, manufacture, package and ship products for a vast array of industries and businesses worldwide.

Our specialization as a private label company began in the 1990's when other corporations were divesting themselves of research and development as well as manufacturing.  Our CEO saw that a void was being created in those areas and moved aggressively to fill that void.  This move has proven to be successful both for us and our clients in many different fields.  We have supplied petrochemical companies with incredibly effective aids to oil extraction.  In the building industry, we delivered new and better substrateimprovement products to our clients. Agricultural and poultry companies have benefited from our innovations in humic acids and probiotics.

The same spirit of innovation and creativity drives our aquatics division.  Because of the existence of these other divisions, our chemists and biologists have access to equipment and data that most pond and aquarium product manufacturers can only dream of.  For the same reasons our extensive manufacturing capabilities far outstrip those of almost all our competitors.  Our R&D staff includes three PhD level research directors supervising microbiologists, organic and inorganic chemists, and experienced research technicians.

In addition to this, we have on staff marine biologists, aquaculture specialists, and a licensed Nutritionist.  We consult extensively with aquatic veterinarians, researchers and public aquariums in product development.  All of this also allows us to offer high quality bulk raw chemicals should you wish to do your own packaging.

We have six facilities, all of which have manufacturing capabilities including:

• Dry Blending
• Oil Suspension
• Drum Drying
• Spray Drying
• Fluidized Bed Coating

• Water Soluble Polymer Reactions
• Emulsion Polymerization
• Water Soluble Bagging
• Bio Reacting


Our production lines include several high speed automated liquid lines and one semi-automated liquid line.  Tablet presses are available for 1", 1/2", and 3" tablets and we also have blistering and carding capabilities.  Our drum dryers include 3 twelve foot dryers and 1 eight foot drum dryer.  The twelve foot drum flake dryers can produce 2,400lbs of flake food per day.  A specialized part of R&D and production is our biological facilities which are capable of culturing and producing heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria.  All of these services and capabilities are combined with a marketing staff that can help develop labels and offers offset and flexographic printing, and assist with development of a web presence.

After we completed the process of developing our private label program in the 1990's, we then worked on ancillary services for our clients.  Blind drop shipments are a specialty service we offer, everything from direct to mass market accounts such as Wal-Mart to the individually owned pet store.  We offer creative services to help develop your label artwork, marketing tools and a dynamic web presence.  In short, we offer everything needed to get your company more profitable with a top quality aquatic products line in record time .

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